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So Mike and I started thing out 4 years ago as a long distance couple, but 6 months ago we finally close the distance and started living together. We have both spent days where we did out own thing, or went to work and spent small amounts of time together, but today I took him to the airport for our first few weeks of separation. 19 days, just shy of 3 weeks. Today was the first day and I already am feeling depressed about him being gone. Sigh. Let the countdown begin.

It’s #nationaldogday So Time To Bless Everyone With A Picture Of My Gorgeous Princess! :) Minnie Mouse Is The Love Of My Life. I do jut about everything with her, or for her! I can’t believe I have had her in my life for 7 years now, but I wouldn’t change a day of it for anything. #furbaby #germanshepard #boardercollie #puppy #dog #mylove #minniemouse #beautiful

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